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We design custom pieces for your D-Day or offer you a wedding capsule from our finest creations.

We are here to listen and find the perfect, radiant outfit that reflects your style. All our proposals are eco-sourced, with materials sometimes labeled or sourced from luxury deadstock, and traceable.


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We design your custom pieces: exclusively for individuals able to come to Nice for fittings.

More info about our high-end, artisanal service below.

We design your exceptional custom pieces

All your pieces will be unique, crafted by hand in our workshops in Nice, using only high-quality, noble, and eco-responsible materials. Whether it's a dress, a suit, a wedding jumpsuit, bridesmaid dresses, or exceptional outfits for very special occasions, we create your custom outfits and can adapt our existing designs for your D-Day. We recommend contacting us at least 6 months before your D-Day, ideally 8 months.

Ask us for our presentation brochure:

contact@ciaodedes.com / @dedes.bridal

Or offer :


We create mood boards with inspirational images to capture the mood of your wedding (e.g., minimalist, cottage core, Queen B, ultra design, supermodel 90s...). Together, we'll identify the images that resonate with you the most. This will be our creative focus.


Based on your budget and the selected mood board images, we will present you with 3 creative directions.

Each creative direction includes a board of 2 or 3 outfits derived from the same concept.

In total, you will receive between 6 and 9 proposed outfits.

We will then engage in discussions based on these proposals to arrive at the outfit of your dreams.

Fabric samples & textile trials

Jean submits textile trials for your review. This allows us to decide on shapes, colors, or folds, for example. At the end of this phase, we jointly approve the raw materials (cotton, linen, tulle, etc.), techniques, and craftsmanship (cut and sewn or knitted) that we will proceed with.

Outfits validation

This step is crucial as it marks the beginning of the manufacturing process. In total, this phase of creative exploration from mood boards to outfit validation can last between 2 and 3 months, depending on the complexity and number of outfits.


The prototypes are launched in Nice, in our workshops. It takes between 3 and 6 months, from the start of garment construction to final delivery. The timelines vary depending on the complexity of the outfits.

3 fittings

We schedule a total of 3 fittings. The last one will take place between 20 and 15 days before your wedding. Ideally, you should come directly to our workshop in Nice. The 3 fittings can be planned well in advance to accommodate your schedule.

The D Day !

If you wish, we can be there to dress you on the big day!

We collaborate with exceptional pattern makers and knitters.

We aim to create exceptional local craftsmanship, which is why we work with three incredibly talented women:

  • Aline, a costume designer and pattern maker, is an expert in stretch materials and garments designed for movement.
  • Camille knits our finest materials; she operates a knitting machine that allows us to create second-skin knitwear.
  • Isabelle is revitalizing the wool industry in our region; she supplies us with local wool and knits, enabling us to have excellent local sourcing, from fiber to garment.

Depending on the selected design, we will work closely with these artisans.

Trust us, you will be in good hands. With a lot of passion and love.

    See you @dedes.bridal